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Amigo E-bikes bring to you a fun and a fit way for daily commuting.In today’s world and fast paced lifestyle, everything really boils down to one term “convenience”. Electric Bikes are the new hybrid between the traditional and healthier cycle commute option combined with modern technology and comfort.

“Big Change is the result of hundreds of tiny steps and they all count”.

Charging our childhood cycles into leading us towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.Electric Mobility is the future and we want to be your Amigo to help you make a reliable choice at your own pace. For now ride an e-bike and have fun.


Upgrade/Convert your regular cycle to an EBike. Pick, Customize, and Book Now!

Amigo E-bikes brings you an exciting option to covert your old bike to a brand new electric bike! You can choose the various retrofit* services available with customised range options tailor made to best fit your needs.

*Certain bikes are not compatible for retrofitting. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

CAPTAIN Vs CHAMP: What is the difference?

Know what is the best choice for you!

The only difference between the CAPTAIN and CHAMP variants is the range. CAPTAIN has a range* of 45KM to 50KM per charge and CHAMP has a range* of 35 KM per charge.

Amigo E-bikes brings you exclusive deals every month, as a token of gratidude to all the love and appreciation our customers give us!

*The range is estimated based on standard test conditions. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


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"If the main reason to buy a cycle is to peddle and sweat it out, what purpose does the electric bike serve?".

Most of us who purchase a bike end up being easily demotivated and they soon end up in a corner of our homes. It is usually because our roads are not ideal tracks with steep hikes and slopes that drain our energy too soon. Usually taking your bike out means commitment to spend that same draining amount of energy every single day. Let’s face it, we usually end up picking a more convenient option.

This is where an electric bike comes in. Choose between the 5 modes available and with our special pedal assist mechanism you pick the exact energy you want to spend. Sweat it out or ride your bike for leisure. More importantly, it supports all age groups and their stamina levels to adapt an easy fitness routine. Save on fuel expenses and the planet by choosing an electric bike whenever you can.

*Bikes are subject to availablity. There is a high demand!