Healthy Planet.
Healthy You.

AMIGO bikes was founded by a group of friends who are technology enthusiasts and environment lovers!

Our mission is to introduce high quality, stylish, affordable and environment friendly mobility to the world.

About Us

Health is at the heart of our brand. We are a young team of engineers and entrepreneurs whose efforts are focused towards building a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet. In the current scenario, work stress, anxiety, and depression have spiked. It is alarming how these tendencies have become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Exercise on the other hand is the greatest stress buster.

At Amigo we are all about creating that perfect balance between utility and health. The synergy between physical and mental wellness is undeniable and that is exactly what we want to focus on. We want you to feel great inside and out everyday.


Have a quick look about why you shoudn't miss out!

Electronic Brakes

25 KMph Max Speed

Premium Battery

Long Range

LED Display

Pedal Assist Sensor

5 Modes

7 Paise per KM